Three More Days…

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Three more days until there is a new book illustrated by Barbara McClintock.  This one is called The Mitten, and it is the sixth collaboration between McClintock and writer Jim Aylesworth.  I’ve already ordered a copy—sight unseen.  There’s no question that I’ll love it because I love everything she does.

McClintock’s style is distinctive; once you know it, her books can be spotted across the room.  Her illustrations are detailed, old-fashioned, and cozy.   She makes me want to leap into the pages and live in one of her idealistic scenes.

Look at the opening spread in Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary.  Notice the top window on the left and the bottom window on the right.  It’s those little whimsical touches that make me love McClintock’s work.   As others have pointed out, McClintock’s illustrations are reminiscent of British illustrator Randolph Caldecott’s work.  In my view, it is well past time for her to win the prestigious award which bears his name.


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