A New View


The new window in the Inly library

I have a new window.

It’s right across from my desk in the Inly School Library, and when I look out I can see kids coming into school or parents chatting in the parking lot.

While I’ve always loved the Inly Library, I love it even more now.  Before last week, I could not see outdoors unless I opened the door and allowed every wasp and bee in the area to browse through the collection.  Bees and wasps scare me so I often just sweated it out—literally.  But now…it’s bright and breezy and the room looks bigger and more welcoming.

Libraries should have windows.  Reading a novel is like walking down a street at night and looking in your neighbor’s window.  As cliche as it sounds, every book is like taking that nighttime walk.  They each offer a different view—from the curb or the window.

One of my favorite picture books is about windows—Albert by Donna Jo Napoli.  Albert lives alone in his apartment, and he’s afraid to go outside because the weather may be less than perfect.  One day, while reaching his arm outdoors, cardinals land on his hand and build their nest.  Of course, Albert is stuck.  He can’t pull his hand back inside or the birds will die.  So, while standing and watching the world go by, Albert sees that while the weather may not always be perfect, there are many reasons to go outside.


3 thoughts on “A New View

  1. I’ll have to take a look at that picture book. The visual of Albert with a nest of cardinals in his hand is great. I watch the cardinals outside my window at the bird feeder every day. By the way, I love the new library windows. I’ll let you borrow my Windex!

  2. The window is beautiful. I like the analogy of reading a book to looking into someone’s window. Books really are a window into a character’s life. Keep writing. I love where your words take me…

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