Sticking my toe into the world of blogging…


I said I wouldn’t do it. I have stood firm about texting, blogging and joining Facebook. I now text my high school-aged son daily—and clearly this is a blog entry. Facebook looms, but not for a while.

So, hello out there. I know that’s a first-post cliché, but it feels like something that should be said.  In the movie Julie and Julia, Julia Child’s husband asks her what she likes to do. She replies that she likes to eat. Well, I like to read. I like to read books, talk about books, shop for books, collect books, organize books, and most of all, to recommend them to others.

My interests are wide-ranging. I am most knowledgeable about children’s and young adult books, but I read pretty much everything except mysteries and science fiction. A few mysteries have tempted me along the way, but I’m worried about opening that door. My bedside table already creaks under the “waiting to be read” pile.

Off we go…


4 thoughts on “Sticking my toe into the world of blogging…

  1. Cybershelley — Thank you. It really would be irresponsible of you to not combine your passion for reading and last name into a blog called “Sommer Reading”!

  2. Hi Shelley! This is wonderful! What a grand step you’ve taken! I will follow you and read with relish your insights into the world of books! Keep it up! We’re interested!

  3. Shelley, thank you for sharing your love of books in cyberspace with us. I will make sure to stop by when I’m looking for a good read. Look forward to your recommendations. Gracias!

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